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Herpes dating questions

Herpes Dating Tips is here to provide you with up to date and relevant information about herpes dating. We are here to help guide you to the most popular and supportive herpes dating sites, herpes communities and herpes support groups. You will also find information on how to best deal with situations you are bound to come across.


As you try and come to terms with having herpes, you might find yourself unable to cope with certain situations that my present themselves such as:

This site has been divided into sections so that you can more easily filter out the information that is relevant to YOU.

Generally, some of the biggest concerns for people with herpes surround the areas of dating and relationships. Many people feel like they will no longer be able to date or find a great relationship.


Some of the most common fears are that:

  • No-one will want to date me if they know I have herpes.
  • No-one will want to stay in a relationship with me once they find out I have an STD.
  • No-one will ever want to have sex with me again.
  • Everyone will think I am dirty and not worth talking to.

Though it might not feel like this now, we can assure you that in time you will come to realize that these fears were unfounded.

We can appreciate your need to date people with herpes in a secure and anonymous environment and we would like to guide you as you take your first steps into the world of herpes dating. Our goal is to help you deal with, and overcome, any issue that herpes dating may throw at you.

How to Tell Someone You Have Herpes

How To Tell Someone You Have Herpes

  • Learn how to tell someone you have herpes.
  • Find out when it is the right time to tell and when it is not so right.
  • What do you do if the conversation starts take a turn for he worse.
  • Read how rejection can be a positive outcome.
How to Reduce the Risk of Passing on Herpes

Transmission Of Herpes

  • Condoms and anti-viral medication - how much of a difference do they really make?
  • Discover how many days out of the month you can expect to be contagious.
  • Learn how to reduce the chances of transmitting the herpes virus.
Getting tested for herpes

How Do I Know If I Have Herpes?

  • How do you choose the best herpes test?
  • How accurate are these tests and how much do they cost?
  • What about confidential testing?
  • Is there a test that can tell me how long I have been infected?
Recommended Herpes Dating Sites

Best Herpes Dating Sites

  • Learn why herpes dating sites are a great way for you to meet someone.
  • How much do these sites cost and which ones are free?
  • Find out why free sites are not always the best option.
  • Which herpes dating sites should stay away from? 
Looking for Herpes Support Groups

Herpes Support Groups And Social Groups

  • Great resource for advice and support.
  • Great place to vent your frustrations.
  • Find out what others have to say about HSV.
  • How to find local herpes support groups or a herpes social group.
  • How to find a herpes social group near you.